Friday, 23 June 2017  
Today in History for June 23rd


Highlights of this day in history: A key moment in the Watergate scandal; Adolf Hitler visits Paris after France falls to Nazi Germany; The typewriter gets a patent; Polio vaccine pioneer Dr. Jonas Salk and TV producer Aaron Spelling die. (June 23)

Hometown remembers Otto Warmbier, 'one of our sons.'


The American student died less than a week after returning to the U.S. in a coma from North Korea.

ďż˝Refugee janitor's daughter is valedictorian — again
�Hackers, beware! Girl Scouts to offer cybersecurity badges
�Court lifts injunction on Mississippi law seen as anti-LGBT
�Manson follower Krenwinkel is denied parole
�Trump Calls for Unity at Congressional Picnic
�Who gets the $141K reward for capturing two escaped Georgia prison inmates?
�Peep this Arizona lawmaker who doesn't want college students to vote
�This state is desperate for qualified teachers
Gadget Ogling: Apple at Home


The battle for your home just got a little tense as Apple pulled back the curtain on HomePod, its smart speaker that seeks to hold dominion over your home empire and all the gadgets that reside within. HomePod holds a 4-inch woofer and seven tweeters, and it has six microphones to pick up your voice commands for Siri, wherever you happen to be in the room.

�Microsoft Partners Heed Mixed-Reality Call
�Hearing Crickets at Apple's WWDC and a Pin Drop in the Senate
�DHS to Congress: The Russians Are Coming Back
�Microsoft Ditches SMBv1 Protocol in Windows 10 Preview BuildMicrosoft Ditches SMBv1 Protocol in Windows 10 Preview Build

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